Artificial Grass Pins – Galvanised 200mm PK of 20

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Artificial Grass Pins. High Quality Galvanised 200mm. Great for holding down artificial turf edges.

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Artificial Grass Pins

These Artificial Grass Pins are High Quality and Galvanised. They have a 2 prong System and are 200mm long and 2mm thick.

These are great for pinning down areas or contoured problem areas. These are sold in packs of 20.They are also available in other sizes. If you have artificial turf pins as a requirement for your project in small or large quantities, then these Artificial Turf pins are just what you need.

These Synthetic Grass pins can be used for all our Synthetic Grass Products. You can use more on high traffic edges to help eliminate lifting. Also you can use less along retaining walls where edges lifting are not so likely.

We recommend that you place our Synthetic Turf pins at least every 200mm  on average. On our custom installations we use them up to every 30-50mm on high traffic areas.

The best way to install these is with a small hammer and some care not to hit the base too hard when installing pins for Artificial Grass.

If you would lie advice on where and how to use these Artificial Grass Pins then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss all your Artificial Lawn needs.

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