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Artificial Grass Infill Sand Fine Grade 1 ton

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Artificial Grass Infill sand Fine Grade Silica 1 ton. Comes in high grade Bulk Gags.

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Artificial Grass Infill Sand 1 Ton

This Artificial Grass Infill sand is not just any sand. It is of the highest quality and has gone through processes to make sure it is safe and round.

Artificial Grass infill sand needs to be a fine Kiln Dried and round Silica sand. We have the sand Kiln Dried to stop any moisture from entering the sand and causing problems with bacteria. It is also made to be round by taking off the sharp edges to make sure your Synthetic Grass does not get worn down. Angular sand will act like sandpaper so always use Synthetic Grass Infill Sand.

Our Grass infill sand can also come in High Grade 1 ton Bulk bags. This can be great for large areas where bulk amounts of sand are required.

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Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
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