Artificial Grass Base Material – Crusher Dust – 20Kg Bags

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Artificial Grass Base Material in 20kg bags. Sometimes known as Crusher dust. Available per bag or per pallet.


Artificial Grass Base Material – 20kg Bags of Crusher Dust

We supply every product for your project including Artificial Grass Base Material in 20kg bags (also available by the ton). Our virgin blue stone material will provide a base of unbeatable compaction. As well as this it will supply the sub surface with constant moisture to avoid ground cracking and swelling.

The Artificial Grass Base Material consists of a crushed 5mm< virgin blue stone rock. This product can also be known as Crusher Dust, Cracker Dust and Dolomite. It has a fantastic ability to be levelled for a artificial grass base watered and compacted.

This listing is for 20kg bags of Synthetic Grass base sand and it can be purchased as one bag or by the pallet. We can also deliver 1 tone bulk bags that are also listed on our shop.

If you have any questions about using or installing you Artificial Grass Base material then feel free to go to our contact page where you can ask all the questions you have about your Synthetic Grass Project.

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